it was gone.Ruby simply lifted her hand out of Pyrrha's ponytailed hair, using it to lift her face; hopeful emerald staring into dull silver eyes, but there was something else; in the entire year Ruby had been away, she had seen horrors, and become, as a result, emotionless; her eyes had lost that shine they had, becoming dull and empty- Pyrrha understood this, and, before her very own green orbs boring into silver, she could see a spark in Ruby's lifeless eyes.Pyrrha looked at her with what appeared to be shock, anger- at herself for not spotting this sooner- and understanding, why Ruby drank whiskey to keep the memories at bay.When Ruby had finished crying, Pyrrha did something unexpected; she didn't even think when she did it- spur of the moment, coupled with emotional moments and feelings. dreams.They all appreciated Ruby enough to leave her bed where it was, and still loved her enough to buy some small things for when- if at all- Ruby came back. Woody Pride. The same way a puppy or a child would be, she was simply laughed at and 'petted'.She knew none of her friends were racists, but that didn't stop her from keeping her guard up every time one of them rubbed a hand over her ears, or stroked her tail.If it was possible, Yang's mouth flapped open and closed like a fish, while Weiss' jaw looked ready to collapse.She was a favourite among the ladies of the night, even becoming 'friends with benefits' with some of them.The rest of her team looked interested as well, all staring with various degrees of worry and amusement.

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Lonely Hearts

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RWBY - All Ruby and Weiss Scenes [Vol. 1]

Ruby’s nose narrowed at the smell of the criminal’s cigar.Goodwitch was so consumed by her thoughts that she didn’t even realize her superior had entered the interrogation room.And if you don’t believe me ask Qrow, he told me it was allowed, and he was there when that law was written.The goons all took a step back in shock, when their comrade with the gun’s arm suddenly fell to the floor with a wet squelch. “Ruby Rose” Ozpin was of course carrying his infernal mug of hot chocolate like he always was.Ruby’s interpretation was that she was part human, part Grimm. Bellamione. But her eyes, her eyes ruined that image.Or feel as best as a Grimm could, Ruby could feel the basic things that all humans did.Glynda Goodwitch’s stern green eyes observed the situation in front of her.Ruby took the receipt from the silent shopkeeper, and turned around to leave the establishment, only to almost run into another customer.Later “What did you think you were doing?” Goodwitch emphasized her question with a crack of her riding crop.The girl picked out a random magazine and read from it, flipping through the pages without any true aim.But it was a possibility that Summer had reached Salem, fell into a pool of destruction, then returned home to take care after her unborn child.Finally I’ve looked at the law, it says that huntsmen and huntresses are allowed to end the life of a human or faunus, if they believed that they were a danger to the kingdom.The police also regarded the scene in front of them but what they realized and pointed out to Goodwitch were the several dead bodies lying in the road.” The weapon offered no response as Ruby’s form disappeared into the darkness.She wore long black leggings, that had some holes in them, and a pair of black combat boots. “I would love to.Looking up again the man was surprised to see a pair of metal gauntlets covering each hand, he hadn’t pegged her as a brawler, The man was also surprised to see a number of scars, covering the girl’s arms and legs.Similarly she needed to eat and sleep just like a human, and she could get overwhelmed and exhausted the same way they did, she just had better stamina. “Get the dust” Henchmen in matching black suits, and sunglasses got to work at Torchwick’s command, but before they could get any looting done they found their paths blocked by Ruby.The rumors themselves were quite interesting, in the past couple of months, dust shop after dust shop all around Vale were getting robbed at the dead of night.Sure Summer Rose gave birth to her, but Ruby never knew her as a person, and she felt no emotional attachment to the dead woman. Pikachu and Samus by rossdraws on DeviantArt.

The green shutters and flower boxes made the place look especially cheerful.In that case, she had her Scroll and could easily return home.Thinking back to the last hunt Team RWBY had gone on, Ruby smiled wistfully.Her silver eyes held a frustrated, yet incredibly tired look, and she was glad that there was no one there to keep count of how many pathetic sighs she had probably heaved over the past hour.Weiss had taken over as the head of the Schnee Dust Company, and was hard at work improving Faunus working conditions and the company's overall business reputation.Jaune had always said that she and the others were free to visit anytime. Rule34 homestuck. After graduation, Team JNPR had started living together in a house a distance away from the city.And, in the case of Weiss and Blake, she knew that they were doing a lot of good in their respective fields.This current scenario will lead to awkwardness and friendships that have tapered into nothing.Thinking of how well they got along, and how deeply they loved each other (romantic relationship notwithstanding), Ruby wondered where her team had gone wrong.We don't have to be, though, Ruby thought. Established Poly!JNPR.Jaune smiled, though his expression faded once he was in the kitchen.The five walked toward it, and Ruby took a moment to appreciate how much more like a home it looked now than when they had first unpacked.I mean, we fight sometimes, but it's never anything huge.How many nights had she sat alone, staring at the wall.The scent of cinnamon potpourri greeted them when Jaune unlocked the door and led them inside.

rwby fanfiction ruby lonely
Ruby's darkness Chapter 1

Wilted Rose Chapter 1: The Visit, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction

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Maybe she could convince Qrow to go shopping for decorations.Anyone found breaking this regulation will be detained and tried for vigilantism.” He had Blake move over so he could bring her into his arms and carried her like a princess back to her bedroom.As heavy as her body felt, she had questions for him and she wanted to be upright when she did.Her scream shook the foundations of the house and was over as soon as it came. If it becomes too much then I can just cut it all off. Dae-hyun & Hana. At least it was something.When they turned to head back inside, she saw the drapes move from behind one of the windows.” Blake explained.Qrow had to leave early, saying that there was some official business he had to do before they left for Japan. “I’m glad you’re home.When I took my seat later, I saw Emerald, even though their team was supposed to be gone.As she reached for her though, her legs gave out beneath her which left the only option to wrap her arms around her sister’s waist. “How are you feeling. “Don’t start thinking you’ll be going off alone.Over time they went from defenders against Grimm to the perfect killers.” “And spend the next two years wasting her talent teaching kids hand-to-hand?” His chuckle was dry of any humor or joy.You’ve been unconscious for almost a week.” She hadn't thought much past convincing her dad to let her go.The juicy smell of the beef had her mouth watering.The last line read: Remember not only how much you’ve grown but also the simpler times as you start this new journey, Miss Rose.Until everything stopped.” Ruby didn’t care that her body ached, she was just relieved to see her sister. Waverly maya nude. But he’s right.They only looked partly burnt.If I go after her on my own, I know sooner or later I’ll get caught because I wouldn’t know what I’m doing.The walk back home was filled with chatter on what to eat.We’ll get going as soon as we get our assignments.Her foot was barely inside when Blake and Weiss intercepted her and dragged her up to her bedroom.Her eyes fell to her lap once they were done.” “What’re you-” It was then that her stomach growled like a dog.Aside from that, the room was completely empty.The day she packed up and left was overcast and chilly.She could do it on her own. What’s for dinner?” “I’m gonna order take-out.” The dark feeling was ebbing away at the sight of their worried faces.Blake rubbed her back while Weiss just clamped her arms around her.It was clear that this wouldn’t go well.There was a ranked list of institutions that would be accepted.

How he admired the way she was completely dedicated to her team.Ren heard it and felt a rush of fear course through him as he pulled away from Ruby, and behind them was an infuriated Yang being held back by Blake and Weiss.His green eyes lighting up when he saw Ruby, Ren held back a growl as the waiter slid over closer to Ruby as she went over the menu for what she wanted.He was just happy to receive attention from the object of his desires, and she was happy to spend some time with someone who had such cool weapons.Ren decided to take a chance and approach her.They talked about little things before heading to the counter, where the old man with bushy eyebrows waited for them. Inu's x Readers — Broly x Fem. .Her Ember Celica flaring as she shot at Ren, and he thought all the pain that would come from this was worth the beautiful rose he held in his arms.Today just happened to be the weekend where he found himself in From Dust Till Dawn, the same time the Rose that captured his attention happened to be there.Ren smiled fondly at the crimson girl as she proceeded to drag him through Vale, stopping at her places of interest.It seemed like Fate was favoring her for once by letting her and Ren spend the day together, or atleast she hoped.She was looking at two different CD's, probably deciding which one she wanted to buy.He could tell from the first time he saw Ruby glance over at Jaune when he wasn't looking, she was irrevocably in love with him.When he felt her heart race faster he knew she was awake, and smiled softly.

rwby fanfiction ruby lonely
All These Lonely Nights

All These Lonely Nights Chapter 1: All These Lonely Nights, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction

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” Ruby’s chest tightens, feeling tears spring into her eyes.She wants to punch both of them for what they did to Penny and Weiss. “You’re not doing anything behind that shield.She chokes out a response, but it comes out as a wheeze.I don’t think its t rated enough but i also do use one curse word (even though i think most internet users use it too) but yeah.She pants, squinting through her blurry vision as she pushes herself weakly onto her knees. Let's Re-Read Homestuck. She’s had two more guards join the escort since Ironwood sent her away.She’d started with two, but she was able to use her semblance to free herself from the guards’ grasp very quickly. “Leave her alone and shut your mouth.She knows that now.The pipsqueak has been quiet for a while now, which means that Qrow is back to sulking (and from the gentle sounds of his breathing, fast asleep) which leaves Robyn alone to talk to herself.Are you four even listening to me?!” The door slams shut, leaving them all in darkness once more. “I’d shake your hand but there’s kind of a wall in the way. “Damn it,” Qrow murmurs. The initial pain of the hit has gone away, but now the headache that was growing a while ago is starting to worsen. She begs.She’s about to turn around and attempt to whack the guy in retaliation, when all four guards halt in their tracks.Her feet are suddenly dangling in the air- the guards have lifted her up.Even though their one on one interactions in vol 7 were brief, I absolutely love Ruby and Robyn’s dynamic and I want more of them please thanks.She’s hit with a white hot flash of pain on the back of her skull, and her vision suddenly lurches.There’s a bang of protest as her Uncle’s fist pounds against the shield. “Hey!” Still dazed from the hit, Ruby’s thrown unceremoniously onto the ground.Jacques humphs and turns his head away like a child, and Ruby scoffs and shakes her head slowly. Maleficent and Jafar Photo. She hadn’t been thinking straight at the time.He’s still standing, at the corner of his cell, trying to be as close to her as he can, but she can tell that there’s something on his mind. Hope you enjoyed. “You know,” Ruby says, barely above a whisper.She snarls lightly, cursing her height deficiency.Curious, Ruby stills, and finds herself gazing upon a threatening metal doorway, resting at the very end of the long, empty hallway.She pales, skidding backwards with her feet and shaking her head, but the guards behind her grab her biceps and shover her roughly forward into the dark room.” She adds under her breath, loud enough for only Ruby and Qrow to hear.

He could almost guarantee that when Ruby turned her head after Weiss scolded her for something admittedly cute, she was silently wiping a tear away.Lastly, it dawned on him; that was why she invested so much time into her weapon, and offered to repair and upgrade everyone else's..Ruby, in question, was sat on the roof of Beacon on a Saturday, basking in the warmth the sun provided her pale skin.Ren finds this out, and will die trying to get her a friend.Ruby was, to say the least, completely ignorant to what people say about her, what they want to say about her. Bad Yoko. Her friends had shown her how theirs worked, but Ren hadn't.As Ren let her go and held her at shoulder length, Ruby wiped her eyes and forced a smile, to which Ren frowned at; he didn't like her hiding her pain.Ren's Stormflowers crossed her mind, and they stayed there.well; I know I said I would have news now, but I don't.Suggestive smiles from her friends and fellow students.She was trying to prove herself, show people she could be a good friend, but people didn't see it like that, they saw it as a way to see their weapons more in-depth, as the weapon fan they thought she was.If you're reading this, consider this inspiration from you.Of course, Ozpin saw not only potential, but leadership within her and made her the leader of her little group; so he not only subjected her to more rumours by the student body, but also, unwillingly, got her sidelong glances and.In reality she was taking apart crescent rose and a number of her teammate's and friend's weapons to add upgrades and the likes.

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Ruby and the Blacksmith Chapter 1

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It's up to her to make it out of this one on her own.Penny had been wrong about the tundra being scenic, but at least all those dull supply runs means that Ruby is fairly familiar with the landscape.She's trying to keep her spirits up here; the last thing she needs is to let herself get distracted by negativity and attract a bunch of Grimm.We were lucky to be able to land it before it crashed.This was vaguely inspired by a piece of fan art by afanatic4life on tumblr.She's fought monsters that other people can only dream of. Luna's Cupboard Ch 1. She's supposed to be helping the people of Mantle, not wandering around out here on the tundra.She hears the door open behind her and Ren and Jaune enter, back from their patrol.Sometimes it's not-so-nice things, like a pack of Grimm, Cinder, or worst of all, Salem.There's no way she would have missed it.After the first few times they catch her off guard, she learns to just ignore them and press forward.If anything, she looks more real and.This way she'll still be able to use it when she finally has a signal again.Her eyes are sharp from years of using a sniper rifle, and she's able to spot a few recognizable landmarks.I know that you guys are busy, but you have the bikes.Her sister just hugs her impossibly tighter, and Ruby bursts into tears..She did not come all this way to let this stop her.She just needs to keep moving, that's profile (same username).Not entirely sure if the logistics entirely work out here, but tbh I don't care anymore.Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator.Just another reason she should keep going, and not let herself stop. Kurogiri my hero academia. I will post the link to the art on my fanfction.Her skin is warm, she's so warm, and Ruby had almost forgotten what warmth felt like.To save battery.Set after episode 3 of volume 8, so volume 8 spoilers are present.She's walked across almost the entire continent of Anima.It's not the first time she's seen Yang out here, and she refuses to get her hopes up.She must have drained her aura earlier, using her semblance on that many people at the base.And she doesn't have any signal on her scroll to call for help.What would her sister even be doing out here. On foot.During the fight, Ruby—she got knocked out of the airship.She eventually settles down from her sobs and blubbering apologies enough for Yang to wrap her in a blanket and get her situated on the bike, but Yang can still hear sniffling as they head back to meet up with Jaune and Ren.She's not going to die because of a little cold weather.

She had her scythe, which she called her sweetheart.It had been a few weeks since herself, Blake, Sun, and Penny had confronted Roman Torchwick at the docks.She hugged her folded up scythe beloved; her only friend and companion, and cried.Yang was spending time with her other friends.She took her scythe and expanded it to it's full form.Ruby figured the best way to get her mind off of things was to go practice with her scythe for a while, maybe chop up a few trees in anger. The flash barry and iris fanfiction lemon. Actually, to be accurate, all Ruby did was sit in the sidelines while her friends did the fighting.Blake also got friendly with Sun, a monkey faunus, and by friendly, they started dating.To see that everyone else around her wasn't lonely, just really hurt her.She inputted her locker code and found that her crescent Rose was in good condition.The sad thing was that, although she was awkward, she really treated Ruby as a friend.Ruby was a kid, she just wanted to be loved.Jaune was practicing with Pyrrha on the roof, and Ren and Nora were making pancakes, something they always did when they were together.Sometimes Blake would go out with Sun and not come back until late at night, and even so, when night came along, she came in through the room window (because all other entrances were locked) giggling and sometimes purring out of delight.And then there was Penny, who disappeared after the whole thing.If weapons were people, she would easily be very social among them.She sighed as she took her craft and went to the exterior forest.

rwby fanfiction ruby lonely

Ruby and the Blacksmith Chapter 1, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction

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It takes some cajoling—and some quick rearranging of weapons (because Yang is not walking the whole way back with Crescent Rose jabbing her in the spine, Ruby’s baby or no)—but Ruby eventually gives in.She didn’t think that Qrow noticed, and if he had he hadn’t brough it up.Ruby is barely able to keep her eyes open when she’s handed off to the medical team that was called in, but she reluctantly hangs on to consciousness long enough to get checked out.At one point, Sun is sitting with them—when did he get here.”.And Blake,” She takes a deep breath to brace herself. Grool tumblr. The medics had cleared her for a concussion, but she’d still taken a pretty hard hit from Emerald.So yeah, I thought I'd write it down and y'all can check it out.She looks up at Yang, blinking blearily.You’ll have weird dreams if you go to bed on an empty stomach.I would be traumatized if it happened and I'm not nearly as close to my siblings as these two are.”.She’d lied to Qrow, earlier, but she can’t quite bring herself to lie to Ruby.To her surprise, she emerges from the bathroom to find her sister watching her, propped up on her side by an elbow.And I can’t speak for the others, but,” she pauses to wipe her own eyes.I've still got a couple of ideas floating around in my head that'll probably get written down in the near future..She doesn’t even stir when they arrive back at the house. “That’s good?”.It was—it was really scary.”.By the time they’re all cleared to leave, the sun is firmly in the sky and the day is well into morning.It doesn’t do much, as the rest of her hair is a tangled mess. Ignoring handjob. I heard what you said to Weiss, and I’m sorry that I left you too.What if I close my eyes and everyone is gone again. “I,” she begins, before trailing off.That’s not fair, and I’m sorry.Yang smiles at the contact, running her fingers through her sister’s soft hair. “But,” she takes a breath. “I’m scared it’ll happen again.She gets a few concerned looks from Weiss and Blake, but Yang just lets out a loud sigh and runs a hand through her sister’s hair.She said she wasn’t planning on going anywhere, so I guess we’ll have to trust her.I love everything about RWBY to bits but PLEASE let these girls acknowledge their trauma and maybe talk about it.You can put up a façade all you like but I know that you’re hurting, and you can’t keep hiding it from everyone like this.If you liked it, please leave kudos and drop me a comment.Ruby scarfs down the food as if she’s afraid that Yang will take the food away from her.

rwby fanfiction ruby lonely

rwby fanfiction ruby lonely

Everyone is still sitting in their own little groups, talking quietly among themselves.She wants to argue, but her head is foggy with pain and the warmth from her sister’s aura is making sleep impossible to resist.”.We need to figure out what to do about Ironwood and Salem and—” “And we will, but not right now. “Good.Mantle is in danger, both from the Grimm and from the loss of the heating system. Bendy and the ink machine roleplay. “No, I mean about Ironwood and Salem and everything.” Yang tenses at the mention of Salem, and Ruby tries to gather herself enough to say something encouraging.” Her sister looks her up and down, her face creased by a concerned frown. “You okay?” “Of course!” Ruby reassures her, trying for her usual reassuring grin. “I—” “Yeah, no,” Yang snorts, shaking her head.It would be much easier to come up with a plan if her head would stop pounding.The memory brings a fleeting smile to her face.It makes the room tilt and her stomach feel queasy, but she ignores it, swallowing hard.She sets the bottle aside and Yang nudges her until she’s laying with her head on her lap.Please, Ruby.She tries to tug her hand out of Yang’s grip but her sister holds firm.This is my first time writing for this fandom, so please go easy on me. “And you’re not the only one who can strategize. “What?” She forces herself to sit up, wincing and squinting at the bottle of water that she’s now holding. Step.Yang won’t stop now until she gets to the bottom of this.Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator. Fionna x flame prince.

rwby fanfiction ruby lonely

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The broken warrior slowly got up and inspected her surrounding, she didn’t really payed attention during her march after all.Her gaze settled on the photo as she stood on the edge, tracing the contour of her lost teammates.Later that night, the young Rose was on the cliff of her mother’s tomb, deposing a couple of items wrapped inside her red cloak on it.Anyway I hope you liked the first official chapter of the rewrite.I do not own rwby or the character used in it. “I just hope dad, Yang or uncle Qrow won’t do something stupid. Smile for me trevor. ” she murmured to herself.? Do I really have to?” She thought as she slapped herself across the face.She sobbed and cried until there was no tears left, all that was left was an empty husk..She got up thinking to herself “It’s a little extreme, but this is the only way.” She looked briefly at her mother tomb before walking away, towards the docks.Personally I think it is more clean than the other one. “ Am I seeing my life.I can’t be with them while doing this, it’s too dangerous.Comments: 83 Kudos: 275 Bookmarks: 40 Hits: 8694.The girl’s marched, she marched for a while, until her legs gave out due to exhaustion.She stayed there for a while, remembering her fallen teammates, her fallen family and the times where they were happy.Her gaze fell upon the moon, it was beautiful, it was broken, just like her. “So this is how it’s end.Upon this realization Ruby began inspecting herself and sure enough, it was her old clothes.She marched through the blood stained battlefield.

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rwby fanfiction ruby lonely

rwby fanfiction ruby lonely

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